Conversational Chinese for Adults
at Lee-Ming Chinese School


Course Description :

This is a beginning course in Mandarin Chinese for adults who have little or no previous experience in learning to speak the language and who wish to learn.

Course Structure:

We start from the very beginning, using the pinyin system to learn the sounds of Mandarin. Throughout this two-semester course, our students will understand and use Mandarin as spoken in everyday situations. We will also begin to study the traditional Chinese characters. Chinese characters are introduced only after students have a good initial understanding of the basics in spoken Mandarin, usually near the end of the first semester.


Textbook and other materials will be introduced on the first day of class.


Because class time is only two hours per week, students should practice regularly at home in order to make sufficient progress toward acquiring true competence in Mandarin conversation.


See our Registration Page for form and payment information.

The class will only open if enough students are registered.

Questions? Please contact Principal Irene Chang by email